Monday, December 19, 2011

It's who you know...

Oh how I could write so much on this. To be honest I have no idea why I chose this as my main title. I have no children, and am not expecting anytime soon without a miracle. But there are some things I wish my mother would have told me. This will not be really engaged tonight but it's something to keep my mind moving until I think it's done so this entry will be the epitomy of constant change.
One thing I am discovering that I wish my mom would have told me is that sometimes, just sometimes, having a degree makes no damm difference! It is oftentimes the experience but bottom line it is who you know! I thought that busting my ass at school would automatically grant me the security that I needed. NOPE! I am thankful to know some really awesome people to help me out with this but I am struggling now more than ever to find myself working in a place that I love, and while some people say you can't have it all...I firmly disagree with that, Yes you can! It is the complacent that settles for the "this is as good as it gets" line. Fuck that! I can and will have it all though understandably it doesn't come without struggle.

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